Why another church?

These are good questions. Here’s a few answers…

Well, based on population density alone, most every county in the United States could use several new churches. That being said, there are some particular things which attract us to Clermont County and Batavia in particular. 

First, we are Eastsiders. My wife, Emily, was raised in Anderson Township, graduated McNicholas High School, and still has family living here. I’m from Indiana but spent my late high school years into college doing ministry on the Eastside. We’ve spent the last decade “roaming” and wanted to settle down some where for the long haul. It’s easiest to put down roots where you already have them. 

Second, there is a lot to love about Clermont County. It’s affordable small-town America surrounded by beautiful rolling hills with the amenities of a large city just half an hour away. We see it as an excellent place to slow down our pace of life, raise our family, and become an integral part of a community.

Third, we believe that we can add to what God is already doing in Clermont County. There are people that need to hear the gospel. There are Christians that need fed the Word. That’s not the work of one, two, or even ten churches. We think a reformed church committed to a streamline ministry done in the “vernacular of the people” centered in the county seat is a great way to build up the kingdom of God in Clermont County. 

Fourth, we believe that Clermont County and Batavia in particular has strategic importance for both the local church and broader culture. In a nutshell, we think our country is descending into chaotic times and an oasis away from the madness will serve the needs of the Church broadly and benefit both our town and county. 

In summary, we are from here, we like it, and we think another solid church can help tip the balances in Clermont County.


Michael Foster