Church Membership

November 21, 2021 Pastor: Michael Foster Series: 1 Timothy

Scripture: 1 Timothy 3:14–15

We actually don’t have an explicit example of a woman taking communion in the New Testament. So, does that mean women may not take the Lord’s Supper? It doesn’t mean that at all. Because when you review all the biblical data, it becomes clear that Christian women not only can take the Lord’s Supper but, like all Christians, it is necessary that they take it. It is both a good and necessary consequence of whole of Scripture.

This is why that whole 'book, chapter, verse' approach to theology can be and is often problematic. Some essential doctrines, such as the Trinity, aren’t contained in any single verse. You can see them reflected in passage like Jesus’ baptism or great commission. But there is not a single verse which presents both the oneness of God and the threeness of God. Triune nature of the only God is derived from the whole of Scripture by good and necessary consequences.

And this brings me back to the doctrine of church membership. I don’t see it explicitly laid down in any single verse. However, I do believe that it is doctrine which we may and must arrive at by good and necessary consequences.

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