Christ Came to Save Sinners

October 3, 2021 Pastor: John Weis Series: 1 Timothy

Scripture: 1 Timothy 1:12–17

Paul says that this is a statement that is trustworthy. This statement is not just factually correct, but worthy of putting your trust in. This statement is, as we used to say, "gospel". But the question is do you accept this statement?

It does no good to revel in the beauty of its construction or think it eloquent in its brevity if you can not celebrate it as your rallying cry and the hope of your life.

Do you feel the weight of your transgressions lifted at the thought of Christ coming into the world to bear your guilt?

Do you see the absolute impossibility of your salvation unless Christ redeems you with His blood?

Do you recognize that unless you be counted among the sinners that you have no claim to the reward of Jesus Christ?

Or instead are you moved to joy-filled thanksgiving at the remembrance of what Christ did for you?

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