Life in the Local Church

September 12, 2021 Pastor: Michael Foster Series: 1 Timothy

Scripture: 1 Timothy 1:1–2

Jewish law would have considered Timothy an illegitimate child, having been born to a (as far we can tell) non-believing Greek father. Timothy hadn't even been circumcised.

I think, perhaps, Paul here is reminding Timothy that he is not illegitimate as far as God is concerned. He is his true or authentic child in the faith. And isn't that a comfort to us all?

How many of us come from broken families?

How many us grew up under the care of an abusive father or neurotic mother?

How many of us have seen drugs, alcohol, gambling, laziness, and other sins destroy our parents and/or siblings?

How many of us had no father or the one we had did not raise us up in the ways of God?

How many us have a heritage of hell?

How many us have been functional orphans?

Well, brethren, no child of the church is an orphan.

No child of church is illegitimate.

We have God as our Father and with that we have new heritage: a heavenly heritage.

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