The Comfort of Wrath

July 11, 2021 Pastor: Michael Foster Series: Nahum

Scripture: Nahum 1:1–15

Prophets tend to emphasize particular attributes of God in their respective books.
Isaiah saw God's holiness.
Jeremiah saw God's judgment.
Ezekiel saw God's glory.
Jonah saw God’s mercy.
And Nahum saw God's wrath.
This book is written approximately a 100 years after Nineveh repented as a result of Jonah’s preaching. But the Assyrians quickly went back to their wicked ways. They were a backslidden apostate nation who had not keep their promise with God and Nahum was here to announce their destruction.
But this announcement was given to Judah and done so as an encouragement. As a comfort. The name Nahum means comfort. It’s a contraction of Nehemiah which means Yaweh is comfort.
So these wicked bloody worshippers of false gods who tortured and terrorized the nations will be judged. God is patience but he will not be mocked. Assyrians sowed wickedness and now they will reap the fury of God’s judgement.
This is the comfort of wrath.

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