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May 16, 2021 Pastor: Michael Foster

Scripture: Psalm 139:1–24

'He scrutinizes your path and your lying down,
And is intimately acquainted with all your ways.'
To scrutinizes is to carefully and critically examine something or someone. Just let that one settled in for a moment.
God has scrutinized you. He has inspected you. He has examined you. He has weighed and considered you.
There is no detail about you which is not known to God.
'He is intimately acquainted with all your ways.'
He knows every good work you’ve ever accomplished.
He knows about your generous giving.
He knows about your loaning out of your car to someone in need.
He knows that you are a faithful intercessor for your pastor, friends, and even the lost.
He knows how hard you fight to overcome temptation.
He knows...
That you refuse to receive gossip.
That you look the other way when a scantily dressed woman jogs up the side walk.
That you work hard when everyone else around you plays on their phones when the boss is a way.
Others might not know about your faithful labors but God certainly does. Every thought, prayer, actions, and attitude that you offer up to God in worship is noted by Him.
Not one of those delicious fruits of the Spirit escapes His notice.
However, He also knows every sin you have ever committed and they are numerous.
He knows how you have lied. They weren’t just fibs and exaggerations. They were lies.
He knows how you have gossiped, slandered, and twisted the truth. He knows that you’ve often committed these sins under the deceptive guise of concern for others.
He knows about your drunkenness whether it be from too much beer or too much prescription drugs.
He knows about your sexual lusts whether they takes the form of pornography, a longing glance, inappropriate flirting, or erotic romance novel.
He knows about your hypocritical judging of others and your smug self-righteousness.
He knows about your bitterness, your laziness, your divisiveness, and your angry outbursts.
'Even before there is a word on your tongue,
Behold, the Lord, He knows it all.'
You are naked and transparent to God. Everything good thing. Everything bad thing. Everything period. He knows it all.