Christian Women Sin

May 9, 2021 Pastor: Michael Foster Series: Philippians

Scripture: Philippians 4:2–3

There is another aspect to why I think saying 'Women sin' generates such a strong reaction.
I don’t think women are use to it. I think most pastors are scared of women or feel they must flatter and pandering to them. Or, perhaps, they think women sin less.
Many have actually argued that women possess a spiritual goodness that men somehow lack.
In 1964, James Alberione wrote a book entitled. "Woman: Her Influence and Zeal" and it is representative of the attitudes that have come “dominate Western Christianity.”
In it, Alberione claims:
'...[that] woman is more naturally inclined to the practice of holiness.'
'[Woman] is more understanding in things of the heart, she is more spiritual than man. More humble, more tender, and consequently, more religious than man, she is more inclined to prayer, to charity, and to hope. More than man, woman feels the need for pure love; her love, less egoistic, is unselfish and prone to sacrifice.'
This attitude was pervasive within the clergy in the 1800s in the states. It led society to conclude that 'women had to be the saviors of men, drawing the errant male sinner back to home and heaven.'
Sarah Hale, a 19th century poet (she wrote Mary Had a Little Lamb), argued that '[man] is naturally selfish in his affections; and selfishness is the sin of depravity. But woman was not thus cast down.'
She and others saw 'the womanly element predominated' in Jesus. Therefore, Jesus’s 'human soul, derived from a woman trained by a woman, was most truly womanly in its characteristics.'
This stuff has been in the air we breathe and water we drink for centuries. It’s not always as bluntly stated as it was by Hale or Ablerione. It’s usually more subtle.
But its there.
You see it in the unwillingness of ministers to call women to repent. They'll call out people in general but not women specifically.
I can’t abide by that. The biggest problem in your life, ladies, is your sin. It’s what keeps you from fellowship with God. It’s what destroys your relationship with friends, family, and your spouse. It’s what robs you of joy and relegates you to misery. It what blinds you to the goodness of God in this life.
If a pastor loves women, he will call them to repent.
Ladies, repent.
And don’t repent in the general and generic. Name specifics sins to God. Ask for forgiveness from him and from others. Relationships can be restored when sin is acknowledge and dealt with honestly. Be reconciled.
There is grace and mercy for humble and repentant women. But God will resist the proud woman.

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