Don't Lose Heart

April 25, 2021 Pastor: Michael Foster

Scripture: 2 Corinthians 4:16–18

"Everything in this present life is in a state of decay and therefore everything groans. Mankind groans. Creation groans. Things are not how they should be. Sin has disrupted everything. And the result is groaning.
Everyday we groan a little more in our bodies. The wear and tear of life under the sun increasingly takes its toil on our mortal frame.
Some of us spent our bodies on games.
Some of us spent our bodies on pleasures.
Some of us spent our bodies in hard labor.
Some of us spent our bodies in the carrying, birthing, and nurturing children.
Some of us had our bodies spent for us by accidents, diseases, and illness.
Regardless, our bodies’ bank account is dwindling down closer to zero everyday and as result we ache more and more.
Now, it in’t just our physical bodies that make us ache. It is the decay and increasing limitations of this entire life. It is the pain we feel from living in this present fallen world.
Think how many relationships have came to an end because of sin, death, or just the requirements of life.
There are people you love who come to hate you because you love the God they hate.
There are people you love who reach their last day and pass into eternity.
There are people you love who you must separate from because of out of state employments needs or other similar reasons.
The joys of this present life are passing away. Whether they are relational, geographical, vocational, or whatever. This current creational situation will not last. In Eccl. 11:10, Solomon says, “prime of life is fleeting.” And it is. It is very quick. James says, “Life is but a vapor.”
Our outer man is decaying. It is terrible state to be in. But there is a reason not to faint and not lose heart.
“…Our inner man is being renewed day by day.” This is a wonderful promise for believers.
Now, before we parse that phrase. We must asked what of unbelievers? James Denney says it well, "The decay of the outward man in the godless is a melancholy spectacle, for it is the decay of everything.” All they have is this present life. They are truly secular, which means “the present” or temporal. And they will pass away with this present world but not the believer.
We live in this world but we also will live in the world to come."