The Vindication of the Body

April 4, 2021 Pastor: Michael Foster

Topic: Easter Scripture: 1 Corinthians 15:1–19

"Now let me end with a somewhat unique but timely application.
The doctrine of the resurrection re-vindicates the goodness of the body and therefore the goodness of sexuality. The resurrection doesn’t change the substance of our bodies but rather their qualities. Many of the old doctrinal confessions go out of their way to emphasize that Christ’s resurrected body was the self-same body but in a glorified state. This is the clear teaching 1 Corinthians 15.
Jesus in the incarnation had a real human male body and he currently has and always will have that same male body in His exaltation at the right hand of the Father.
Jesus’ resurrection is the first fruits. We all will be resurrected in a like manner.
So your new body will be a glorified body. However, it very much remains a human body which means maleness and femaleness will remain part of our individual destiny forever.
In other words, binary sexuality existed pre-fall, post-fall, and will continue with the restoration of all thing.
Males are males forever.
Females are females forever.
Binary sexuality is forever.
We won’t be androgynous spirits in the world to come. Man will forever be a body-spirit composite.
Physicality is an essential part of our humanity. Biological sex will not be eliminated in the bodily resurrection because it is precisely a resurrection of the body.
The body is good.
Sexuality is good.
Femaleness is good.
Maleness is good.
It is God who made you male or female. He assigned that to you before you were born and at conception and you will be that sex once you are resurrected. Therefore, you should embrace your sex as a gift from God."