Christianity Isn't Nice

March 21, 2021 Pastor: Michael Foster Series: Philippians

Scripture: Philippians 3:1–3

"So... I came to learn my doctrine in the context of mounting a defense again false teachers.
And what started as a defense turned into an offense, that is an attack.
My mother will tell you that I use to call up the Mormon’s 1-800 numbers so they would send me a fresh batch of missionaries for me to preach gospel to… I kept doing this until I was actually blacklisted and missionaries were told to avoid me.
Now, I think there is place for this…
But there is a risk.
There is risk of becoming more concerned with exposing false doctrine than proclaiming the truth. You can easily become what some call a heresy hunter.
They are always looking for some new wretched doctrine to attack.
They are always trying to show how some well-known pastors or teachers are actually heretics.
And often, in time, these sort of people become overly critical and nitpick at every little thing.
Soon every minor doctrinal variation is dealt with as if the whole of the gospel depended on getting it right, which of course means agreeing with them on all the finer points.
The ultimate issue with heresy hunters is that don’t care about people. They just like to argue. It is manifestation of pride cloaked in the guise of loving the truth. They can quickly become divisive and fault-finding people. They are church-killers.
We see this in the reformed world where men often possess the theology of Paul but without the heart of Paul.
Paul is a lover. He is father who cares deeply for the saints. That is context which his teaching, his theology springs forth from.
The book of Philippians should make this abundantly clear.
We are called to love and love has two focuses, God and other people...
And yet Paul is not nice, Jesus is not nice, God is not nice, and Christianity is not nice."

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