Dual Citizenship

February 7, 2021 Pastor: Michael Foster Series: Philippians

Scripture: Philippians 1:27–30

"Now does our citizenship being in heaven mean we are to not care about our earthly citizenship?
Well, what does Paul’s testimony show us?
Why is Paul in prison? How is it that Paul has been able to preach the gospel to so many high ranking Romans?
It's because he appealed to Caesar. It’s because Paul took full advantage of his Roman citizenship.
So should Christians.
We, like Paul, have dual citizenship.
We are Christians and Americans.
Therefore, we should follow Paul’s example and make full use of our American citizenship for the purpose of God.
We should vote according to a Scripture-shaped conscience.
We should run for office and rule in a godly way.
We should show up at council meetings.
We should make use of your freedoms for the good of the church and those in our community.
But just remember you are a citizen of heaven first and an American citizen second.
You have to keep that straight. Because often—not always— but often our heavenly citizenship is at odds with our earthly citizenship.
Such becomes the case with the Apostle Paul.
Remember, he was eventually killed under Nero’s reign."

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